Luna Skin Serum Review: Read *Side Effects* & Free Trial!
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An effective anti-aging cream, Luna Skin Serum improves the quality of the skin in just 20 days. Yes, I know what I am saying and I am speaking what is true. The cream has some really beneficial natural ingredients which make the skin supple and healthy. It removes the aging signs in lesser time and grants long-lasting results. The cream is approved by the FDA and consists of no fillers. It makes us younger than our real age. To know how, read below.


Peptides and natural oils are what this serum consists of. It is made in the GNP labs without the presence of any fillers and additives. The cream also has antioxidants which purify the blood and help the skin get freedom from pimples and acne. It also contains detoxifiers which remove the impurities from the skin hence making it clean and clear. The serum also consists of collagen boosters which promote the quality of the texture of the skin. Altogether, the ingredients in this product keep the face glowing, young and youthful.


How does it work?

The cream is completely absorbed by the skin in such a way that all the ingredients in it work on improving the quality of the skin from the very deep. This product provides better blood circulation levels in the face and removes wrinkles. It also controls the collagen levels and makes the texture of the skin supple, soft and smooth. The product helps us stay safe from UV rays and also prevents the risk of skin cancer, tanning and sunburn. It heals fine lines and dark circles as well. Along with this, the product treats our skin from freckles, acne, blemishes and dark spots and impurities too.


  • Puts a control on the outbreak of wrinkles
  • Wisely heals the puffiness of the eyes and dark circles
  • Manages the appearance of aging signs
  • Reduces the risk of skin cancer
  • Grants a natural glow and radiance to the face
  • Keeps skin hydrated for longer which reduces acne


This cream has granted me a skin which is free from all kinds of aging signs. It has improved the suppleness of my skin and has given it a perfect texture. It was my dermatologist who had recommended this serum to me. I bought it online and have used it regularly since 15 days. Till now, I have not faced any problem by it. This cream does not drips and does not causes itching as well. It keeps my face non-sticky and glowing.

The cream has made the quality of my skin better. It has given better blood circulation in the face due to which my skin radiates. This serum has rid my skin from acne and dark spots. It contains hydrating agents which gives proper moisturisation to my skin. The serum is day-by-day removing each aging sign from my face and is making me look younger and prettier.

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  • This serum is not meant for over usage
  • The cream has to be protected from UV rays and heat and moisture and dirt and dust
  • It can be used only on the recommendation of skin experts or dermatologists
  • The purchasing of this serum must be done from its official website
  • Avoid using it if application of serum results in itching or irritation

What to do to make it work better?

The cream shows swift results on a skin which is properly hydrated hence, consumption of water and other liquids must be maintained extensively. The cream should not be mixed with other serums in the want of gaining better results. Above all, we must get rid of our habit of smoking and drinking. We should also avoid eating oily and unhealthy food. Apart from these steps, regular exercising is a must.

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Side effects

This cream is natural. By natural, I mean that it has been prepared with organic ingredients. The studies done on it by the FDA say that the product is free from fillers. They have also accepted that this serum does not contains any chemicals. The cream is absolutely safe and is 100% effective.

How to apply?

The impact of the skin can be increased by regularly applying it. The cream should be used on the skin every day and night. It must be applied with fingertips and that too on a clean skin. Clean here refers to a skin which is free from makeup. One should avoid over usage of the serum. The massage should be done only until the cream is properly absorbed by the skin.


How to buy?

Luna Skin Serum is an anti-aging cream which has been launched in the market recently. The purchasing of this serum can be done only through its official website where you will have to make a registration before placing the order for the pack. The delivery of this product is done in maximum 3 days.

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Why should we use it?

This product is used worldwide to gain a healthy and younger looking skin. Dermatologists recommend it to women who suffer from aging signs such as acne, wrinkles, patchy skin, freckles and dark spots too. It deals with every kind of aging related problem and helps us stay young. I have tried it myself and it is really effective.